Slime, Football and Reggaeton top Google’s 2017 trends

By January 3, 2018

Doctor Google has revealed its most popular search terms, phrases and questions of 2017. Worldwide, US-related topics top the bill. In Peru, it’s about football, the census, the weather and reggaeton. Oh, and being a good lover.

92% of all people worldwide use Google as their prime search engine. Traditionally, at the end of the year, the multinational tech company draws the curtains briefly and sheds light onto their world.

More specifically, the all-knowing corporation allows us a peep and to dig into last year’s most popular search terms. Doing so, we can check what was ‘Most Trending’ in 2017 over different categories and regions.

In Peru, the ‘Most Searched Term’ was also the ‘Most Trending Person’. The honours went to Paolo Guerrero, the captain of the national football team and main character one of Peru’s most compelling storyline in 2017.

Guerrero’s allegations of drug use, his justifications, his ban and, finally, the lift of his ban, kept the nation heavily glued to the media.

Apart from Peru’s historic qualification for the World Cup (and the obligatory research on their Kiwi opponents Peru had to beat to get there), the rest of the ‘Trending Five’ in Google’s Peruvian department was filled up by ‘Weather’ and ‘Census’, as the census of the Peruvian population was made last year by the Peru government.

The Peruvians wanted to be well informed about the latter, making ‘What is the census?’, the top question they asked their digital Best Friend.

Globally, Hurricane Irma, that struck in the beginning of September over the Caribbean and Florida causing 134 deaths and enormous damage, was Google’s ‘Most Trending Term’ in 2017.

That said, the US-influence on the multiplex search machine on a global level is strongly visible. That’s no shocker, as only China and Russia don’t use Google as their go-to search engine.

Runners-up of ‘Worldwide Trends’ were two Apple products: iPhone 8 and iPhone X. These were followed by two famous Americans: a middle-aged talk-show host that got fired due to inappropriate sexual behaviour and an actress who soon will be a member of the British royal family upon marrying a prince.

The deceased singers Tom Petty and Chester Bennington, the highly entertaining, time-killing Fidget Spinner and the Indian Cricket Team rounded off our global trending ten.

In Peru, the people that were Google’s Most Wanted (apart from the already mentioned Paolo Guerrero) were Korina Rivadeneira, a Venezuelan actress dating a Peruvian racer, and Claudia Dammert, a Peruvian actress that passed away last year. Maritza Garrido-Lecca, a Peruvian terrorist set free from prison after 25 years, and Couthino, a Brazilian footballer, closed the top-5 ranking.



The questions we asked Google were equally fascinating. How to be fearless? How to be a strong woman? How to help refugees? How to buy bitcoin? The most questions the world asked Google this year started with “How”.

Whether us humans are getting more helpless (‘How to watch Mayweather vs McGregor?’ ‘How to lose belly fat fast?’), or more eager to learn (‘How to make a Fidget Spinner?’), the fact is that the worldwide top-search ‘How can we make slime?’ isn’t the most edifying for mankind.

Whether one of the 5 top-questions in Peru ‘How to be a Latin Lover?’ should cause furrowed eyebrows or not, we’ll leave that to our readers.

Apart from the secrets of how to be a Latin Lover (anybody?), the troubles of the census or the weather phenomenon El Niño, Peruvians raised questions about the World Cup play-off. Once qualified, enough Peruvians posed the questionable question ‘How to get to Russia by bike?’  to make it into the digital top-5.

‘Most Trending Worldwide News’, apart from star billing Hurricane Irma, was the rise of Bitcoin, the madcap regime in North-Korea and the Solar Eclipse. The last event was posed as the question ‘How to make solar eclipse glasses?’.

In Peru, another international climate-related event joined Irma at the highest ranks: the earthquake that shook Mexico in September. They surpassed the Peruvian strike of the teachers and the fire in Lima’s Malvinas, but couldn’t prevent the gold medal to be given to the Census, the national enumeration, as most ‘Trending News Fact’.

Worldwide, Stephen King’s IT was the most searched movie: Google’s trending TV-show was Stranger Things.

Speaking of the arts. With Bad Bunny, Ozuna and CNCO, Peru jumped on the same reggaeton-bandwagon that made Despacito ‘Most Trending Song Globally’. Peruvians also looked up its lyrics a lot (“You, you’re the magnet and I’m the metal”).

All over the world, Wimbledon was Google’s ‘Most Trending Sports Event’, taking the lead from the Super Bowl. In Peru, not surprisingly, it was all about the World Cup and football.

A way to prepare chicken breasts beat ground beef as the ‘Most Searched Recipe Globally’, something that, ecologically speaking, might be a hopeful trend.

And, to wrap it up, here’s the answer to your question: You mix 1 oz. glue with ¼ cup water, then add ¼ cup of Borax Solution. Stir slowly. The slime will begin to form immediately. Then, knead it with your hands until it gets less sticky.

Piece of cake.

We found the answer through Google, though.