Tourists remain hospitalized after Machu Picchu train crash

By August 2, 2018

Though prior government reports estimated that there were 15 injuries from Tuesday’s collision between two trains, a new report from the National Civil Defense Institute (Indeci) reported that 54 people were hurt following the crash on kilometer-88 of the railway to Machu Picchu.

As of Wednesday night, 25 people were still hospitalized and the other 29 had been discharged from the hospital. Here is a list below of the foreign and domestic tourists that were still in the hospital per the latest update from Indeci:

  • Wanda Alvelo Maldonado (U.S.)
  • Santiago Marrero Noel (U.S.)
  • Juan Gabriel Angulo Blanco (Peru)
  • Ricardo Durand Durand (Peru)
  • Tania Lastreros Añonco (Peru)
  • Albertina De Almora (Peru)
  • Walter Almora (Peru)
  • Shin Keuyong (South Korea)
  • Jin Ho Kim (South Korea)
  • Hee Jung Kwon (South Korea)
  • Yang Heeyun (South Korea)
  • Karen Reyes Cabello (Chile)
  • Maria Isabel Cabello Arriata (Chile)
  • Paola Nicole Reyes Cabello (Chile)
  • Elguita Aparecida Din (Brazil)
  • Janssen Tara (Canada)
  • Lizbeth Mora Perez (Peru)
  • Alejandra Martinez Moreno (Mexico)
  • Andres Lopez Luna (Peru)
  • Sivathmika Markandaier (India)
  • Asha Markandaier (India)
  • Ovidio Mur (Nationality to be confirmed)
  • Carlos Flores (Nationality to be confirmed)
  • Marcela Grinux (Argentina)
  • Janssen Gijs (Canada)

There are still believed to be only two critical injuries from the accident that witnesses have said was due to protests on the tracks. When one of the trains stopped for the protestors another train from a competing company crashed into the back of it. Local municipality leaders have said the accident is not the fault of the protestors but of the train operators.

A police investigation is still ongoing as an official cause for the accident is to be determined.

Both train operators – PeruRail and IncaRail – have said they followed all protocol in assisting the injured passengers and transporting them immediately to clinics and hospitals near the region of Cusco.

Peru’s Tourist Protection Network has drafted up bylaws for a response plan in case of similar accidents in the future, according to Andina news. The network has called for better communication to emergency response services and to have a system in place that gives tourists’ their money back in case of a large-scale accident like the one that occurred Tuesday.